Fertilizers based on liquid slow release nitrogen with phosphorus, potassium or micronutrients. The three most important nutrients for plants, considered as primary macronutrients are: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Nitrogen is an essential component of chlorophyll. This compound allows plants to produce sugars throgh photosynthesis using solar energy, water and carbon dioxide as basic compounds.

Nitrogen is also important for amino acids which are the basis of proteins. Phosphorus is an important component of the complex nucleic acid structure of plant and it plays a key role in cell division and development of new tissue.

Phosphorus is involved in plant resistance, root growth and is also associated with complex energy transformations. Potassium is the element most responsible for crop quality. High levels of this element enhace plant defence and improve shape, color, taste and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.



FOLIMAC Sugar-B is a fully soluble PK fertiliser rich in Boron, for promptly absorbed foliar sprays. This innovative high grade formulation product, Sodium and Carbonate-free, low in chloride, stimulates sugar accumulation, both in plant and in its fruits. FOLIAREL SUGAR-B is applied on sugar beet, to increase sugar grade, juice purity and alkalinity. On grapevines and fruit tree crops it increases fruit sugar content and cool-storage resistance, improving lignification and resistance to temperature stress.



FOLIMAC K is a fully soluble NK fertilizer, with Sulphur and Boron, for promptly absorbed foliar sprays and fertigation. This innovative high grade formulation product, low in Chloride, stimulates sugar accumulation, both in plant and its fruits, increasing fruit color and size. FOLIMAC K is applied on fruit and horticultural crops as nutritional integrator to help the crop overcome: drought, diseases and to induce cool-storage resistance



FOLIMAC NP is a fertiliser with Nitrogen, Phosphorus and an high content in Boron and Zinc-EDTA. The product has a sub-acid reaction (1% pH: 6.6) and a complete solubility (~10 kg in 100 liters of water). In all crops, the high phosphorus concentration with Boron, Zinc and low amount of Nitrogen, stimulate the root development after transplanting and the root activity before flowering. Phosphorus and Zinc play also a very important role in preserving plant against cold damages.



FOLIMAC N-Plus is a methylene urea fertilizer solution which has been specially formulated for foliar application. It is mixed with water or other water-based compounds and will initiate a prompt greening effect of the crop. In addition, when mixed with other water-based compounds, FOLIMAC N-Plus improves wetting and spreading characteristics, reducing spray drift. This formulation increases nitrogen efficiency in many crops such as; cereals, forage and oilseed crops, sugar beet, horticultural crops, grapevine, fruit and olive trees. This nitrogen efficiency is especially noticed when the applications are made just before flowering or shortly after fruit set.



FOLIMAC N-Micro is a urea-formaldehyde liquid fertilizer. It is formulated for safe and efficient application both as a foliar or through fertigation methods. FOLIMAC N-Micro will initiate a prompt green-up and will continue to release nitrogen slowly. Iron, manganese and zinc (in chelated form) stimulate the nitrogen utilization by the plant and leaves especially during the cooler season for crops sensitive to iron, manganese and zinc deficiencies (pear and plum trees). In horticultural crops, FOLIMAC N-Micro improves leaf color and fertilizer efficiency with a lower risk of nitrates accumulation.



FOLIMAC BoreN is a nitrogen fertilizer solution using urea formaldehyde and boron formulated for safe and efficient foliar sprayings on the crop canopy. It is applied in water or water-based agrochemicals leading to a prompt green-up and a slow release nitrogen fertilizer action. FOLIMAC BoreN has superior wetting (surfactant) properties on the leaf surface helping boron penetration. Boron is a micro-nutrient essential for plant nutrition. It is indispensable for carbohydrate synthesis and translocation, for flower fertility, for cell division and cell wall formation and for protein and lipid synthesis. FOLIMAC BoreN can also be applied by drip irrigation.